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Council Approvals

Concept Design, Development Application/Exemption, Compliant Developments and Construction Certificate approvals on time and within budget. PCA appointment and liaison with our preferred builders and consultants - or happy to use yours.

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Interior Design

Accredited Designer™ Jesus Del Toro combines an international design education and professional experience with local expertise to create aesthetic, functional solutions in the most appropriate style for your brief.

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We have fostered collaborative relationships with a broad pool of professionals, artisans, contractors, manufacturers and specifiers, and we are happy to recommend the right people to execute your design and build. Alternatively, we can liaise with your preferred contacts, we are totally flexible.

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Since 1993

We Design

Whether it’s an airport, resort, a multi-residential or mixed-use development, an apartment renovation or a cage for your guinea pig, we DO design. We get to know our clients and their needs, build a brief together with them and exceed their expectations. We are well known for creative problem solving, tackling obstacles with a smile on our face. We take pride in listening for the elements clients don’t even realise they need, and love watching their jaws drop when we deliver. Our rational design process is Council-proof, allowing you to use your budget for the most important thing: adding value to your life through DESIGN.

We do user tests, user trips, personas, mind maps, concept association/random stimuli for idea generation and a draw on a universe of resources to guarantee you get the best possible outcome.

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