Interiors / Full renovation

Carinthia Unit

This project was about optimising a Heritage Listed space with a bespoke, modern layout and finishes to accommodate a contemporary lifestyle in a classic environment. A loft-open plan proposal, maximising the cost per sqm of the property, allows for an apartment more light-filled and fluid than any other in the building, resulting in a remarkable, multi-function 60 sqm of family living space.

Interiors/Full Reno


Project for a remarkable Heritage Listed, iconic 1930s building in Potts Point as an investment property. We added value while being respectful with history by finding the right layout for an ensuite and providing functional, modern yet appropriate design. Contemporary living open plan within a neo-classical environment for a high end lease experience.

Design / Construction

Rooftop Terrace

Ongoing project for a remarkable Heritage Listed, Company Titled iconic 1929 building in Potts Point. Being respectful with history is one of our core ethos and providing functional, modern yet appropriate design is our goal. Using the same type of Tuscan columns the building already features at its entry was a rather logical solution for the required shading device: a Mediterranean pergola in line with the Greek context of the building.